2018 Provider Communication

2 October 2018: Enhancements to IVR 

We will soon be implementing enhancements to our IVR system [Read more]

26 June 2018: Momentum HealthSaver and Multiply Visa® Card

Kindly note that Momentum Health members who have a HealthSaver account can use this account to pay for medical expenses not covered by their medical scheme benefits. The account can be accessed through Real Time submission of claims or through a Visa® credit card, called the Multiply Visa® Card [Read more]

1 June 2018: Generic Reference Pricing: Oncology medicine

Please note that effective 15 June 2018, Generic Reference Pricing will be applied to oncology medicines for Momentum Health    [Read more]

1 June 2018: Diabetes Chronic Medicine Formulary for Momentum Impact and Ingwe Options

The medicine formulary for Diabetes Type 2 and Diabetes Insipidus was omitted from the 2018 Momentum CareCross GP Guide  [Read more]

19 March 2018: 2018 Flu vaccine

Kindly note that the flu vaccine benefit is only obtainable from a pharmacy clinic, for all members of the medical schemes affiliated to the Momentum CareCross network [Read more]