Momentum Health4Me

Access to healthcare is an integral component to an employee’s health and wellbeing. Private healthcare vehicles like medical schemes remain unaffordable to a large portion of the low-income workforce. Health4Me offers a holistic, cost-effective healthcare solution to employer groups to cater for this need.

In line with Momentum’s focus on innovation and flexibility, Health4Me follows a building block approach. Employers can choose the combination of benefits most suitable to their employees’ needs and available budget.

Different levels of cover are offered. Employers can select any combination of benefit levels. Day-to-day benefits are offered in three packages ranging from a complete set of benefits cover (Gold) to a limited set of benefits cover (Bronze).


Day-to-day benefits are provided by selected healthcare professionals. Through effective planning and resource management, our primary care network is integral to ensuring quality service delivery at an affordable cost. We take pride in our provider profiling process, which assists healthcare professionals to supply our members with the appropriate level of care and to co-ordinate all related healthcare needs.

Major medical event benefits protect against the costs of higher risk events, such as hospitalisation and accidents. Major medical event benefits are offered in two packages ranging from a complete set of benefit cover (Standard) to a limited set of benefit cover (Base).

Note Health4Me is not a medical scheme product, and is not a substitute for medical scheme membership. 

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