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Welcome to the Momentum Provider Website

Momentum Medical Scheme values the relationship that we can build with you as the provider and is committed to offering quality administration service and efficient claims processing.

Our focus is on easing your administrative burden and promoting your practice among our members.

We have a strong provider profiling process in place, based on a proven philosophy of paying higher fees for expected treatment outcomes.

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Available services on this website:
  • Access a summary of benefits
  • Do membership validations
  • Do benefit checking/booking
  • Have access to the various forms
  • View lists of formularies
  • View claims statements and claims tracking
  • Access your practice profiling information
  • View FAQ’s that would assist in possible query resolution
  • Find information on how to join the Momentum Networks
  • Find information on wellness programmes
  • View contact information
Providers as the starting point

To ensure a healthy future for private healthcare in South Africa, Momentum Medical Scheme believes that all stakeholders, from medical aid to providers and governing bodies, need to support each other towards a common goal - that of sustainably delivering quality, affordable care.

Our benefit design is structured in a manner that supports the principles of the GP as the coordinator of care to our members. This is just one example of how we trust each level of provider to take ownership of your field of expertise, allowing us to deliver a seamless healthcare solution to patients throughout the country.